Adventure Mate

  Find Activities Near You

Be it a sport, an excursion, a social outing or a trip of a lifetime, Adventure Mate allows you to find activities or events, or to find companions for your activity where ever you are in the world.  All you need to do is download the App from your App Store – it is free to download.

If you are organising events or activities, Adventure Mate provides you with a simple platform to communicate with your regular attendees, or to attract new people to join in.  This can be particularly useful for organisations operating site seeing or local tourism excursions, or for sports clubs seeking to promote one of their events.

To post an event, you hit the + button and select the activity from the three tiered menu.  You then fill out the activity description, the date, time and location of the activity together with any special requirements.  An example of special requirements is with rock climbing, where the level of expertise is critical to safety.

To Join an Activity, simply open the event and click on the Join button.  Your request to join will then be sent to the organiser who will either accept or reject your request or leave you on the wait list.  The App allows the organiser and attendees to message each other within the App.

When posting, you may find that your activity is not listed in the Menu.  To add your activity, use the add activity functions in the menu.  This will generate a request which the Manager will review and approve, to ensure it fits within the menu structure.

To post an activity costs $NZD0.99 per post, or you can subscribe on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis for unlimited posts.

Adventure Mate is owned and managed by The Wanderers Management Limited, a company incorporated in New Zealand.  Posts are the responsibility of the poster, and The Wanderers Management Limited has no liability for any posts.  You can view the Terms & Conditions here.  On downloading the App you will have be deemed to have accepted the Terms & Conditions